Minimum frame size for H.264 encode

Minimum frame size for H.264 encode

Are there minimum dimensions that the encoder will take for width x height?

I've tried to set them to 320x192, but MFXVideoENCODE_Init bumps it up to 480x272.

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I have definitely had 320x180 encoding working.

Specifically, this 62 megabyte video found on this page:
With the title: "IPod 5G 320×180, 62 MB"

Maybe there are other factors or variables at play.

You might try sample_decode/sample_encode on the Big Buck Bunny video to convince your self that is not a
(I have gone through this process.)

Please let us know what you find out.
Cameron Elliott

Thanks for verifying that it is supported.
When I read your post, I realized what was going on.

I need to use a custom SPS/PPS.
The SPS that I was using clashed with the input parameters.
Now the custom SPS's match the encoding parameters and all is well.

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