H.264 Encoder for 4K Videos?

H.264 Encoder for 4K Videos?


will it be possible in the (near) future to encode Videos with higher resolution than 1920x1080? We need an encoder for videos with a 4K resolution (3840 × 2160). Are there plans to support this?



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at least the current version seems to support 4096x2160, so 3840x2160 should also be possible.
I get the warning MFX_WRN_INCOMPATIBLE_VIDEO_PARAM if I select interlaced and the encoder switches to progressive, but the produced stream looks OK.
Do you set Width/Height CropH/CropW and the CodecLevel correct?

I'm using the DirectShow filter and i thought the resolution 1920x1080 is a limitation of the encoder. Perhaps it is a limitation of the DirectShow filter. I have installed version 3.0.014 GOLD now and i will try to install the newest one.

Which driver version are you using? And which CPU is it?

My understanding (maybe wrong) is that hardware 4K encoding is not yet available in hardware, correct?
Will this likely happen in upcoming CPUs?


Encoding of 4096x2034 is supported. For DirectShow there are variables in the pipeline (graph) that can limit resolution.

I need to clarify that last statement. While it is "supported", is not available "in hardware", as indicated by the "MFX_WRN_PARTIAL_ACCELERATION" result when the Medai SDK encoder is initialized.

Sorry for the confusion.


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