Software and Hardware differences

Software and Hardware differences

I have successfully implemented the MediaSDK into my app. This is not a Directshow application. On my development PC, it initialises correctly and produces a valid H264 stream, even if the software encoder is about 1/3 of the speed of the IPP encoder in software. If I take the same software, and run it on a PC with hardware support, I get a return code of MFX_ERR_INVALID_VIDEO_PARAM  back from init. However, the same parameters work fine for the software implementation.  The call to QueryIMPL  returns MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE

Is there a table somewhere that dicusses the difference between the hardware and software encoders ?



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Hi Andy,

Can you please share the set of encoder parameters you used? One way to do this is to capture your workload trace using the Media SDK tracer tool.

There is unfortunately not a full comprehensive list of HW and SW codec differences.


OK, here's an odd error ! If I try and use the tracer tool with my application, it produces an empty log file. However, if I use the sys_analyzer.exe , the the tracer tool produces a log. This tells me that the system is working fine, but for whatever reason, there's something not right. Do I have to do anything in the application to enable tracer.exe to work. Like I said, the software compressor is working, so my framework seems to be right.

That's odd.

Are you using a recent Media SDK tracer tool such as the one released with Media SDK 2012 R3 package?

Please share your log output from mediasdk_sys_analyzer.


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