D3D9 vs D3D11

D3D9 vs D3D11


 I have a basic understanding of using system memory versus using  GPU memory,  which entails using Direct3D to create and manage surfaces.

One thing I am not clear on, and wonder if someone at Intel could clarify, is the tradeoffs of using Direct 3D 9 vs Direct 3D 11 with the Intel Media SDK.

Are there any reasons to use the Direct 3D 9 support other than backward compatibility?

Or, if I had to choose just one or the other to support for my application, which would be recommended?, and why?

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Well, this looks like one of those cases where I get to answer my own question.

It turns out that I have an HD 2000, which apparently does not support DirectX 11,
so while I might have the ability to use the Intel media SDK, I can't use it with DirectX 11.
I discovered this by using the sample_decode application.


Also note the following.

Using D3D11 surfaces with Media SDK requires Windows 8 due DirectX 11.1 dependencies.


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