JPEG decoding

JPEG decoding


Your SDK looks very impressive! I wonder if you have support for tiled jpeg decoding.

For example if I have a jpeg picture 5000x4000, can I decode it by tiles let's say 640x480 each?

Also what is the maximum jpeg picture resolution that SDK support? 100Mpxl? 500Mpxl?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ilia,

Tiled decode is not supported. To achieve such behavior you would have to decode the whole image then crop the frame yourself (or use Media SDK VPP). But I'm assuming this is not what you are looking for.

Current SW JPEG decoder supports decode of frames up to 16K resolution.

Next generation Intel Core platform, due later this year, will deliver HW JPEG decode with support for at least 8K frame resolution.

If the intent is to use Media SDK JPEG decoder for single image decode please note the limitations in the "mediasdkjpeg-man.pdf" document.


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