i7-3770k with h264 encoder filter

i7-3770k with h264 encoder filter


   how many h264 encoder filters can use to encode 1920*1080 videos?

   I use dshow like below

  video capture(yuy2) ->inftee->h264 encode->sample grabber.


                             h264 encode


                            sample grabber

like this , when I connect two h264 encoder filter, it works well

but when I connect 3,   the grabber will lost many frames

example: I set frame rate = 25.

when I get 100 frames  use 5s.

but it should be 4s,

the CPU used = 36%

I find EncodeFrameAsync return busy many.

Does anyone tell me, what problem with it or how to inprove it?


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Hi Eric,

Could you share some more details about your platform configuration. Tip: You can use mediasdk_sys_analyzer tool to capture such data.

How is the encoder configured? bitrate? for low latency? etc.

Have you verified that the bottlneck is in H.264 encoder and not in video capture component?

Encoder returning busy should not be an issue (assuming you are using HW acceleration). This is quite normal behavior.


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