How to connect my Live Source filter to Intel h264 decoder

How to connect my Live Source filter to Intel h264 decoder

Hello Community

I am using a live input source filter to which i give the (H264)data from buffer  and  try it to connect tointel h264 decoder.

In graph edit it connects but when i try it to connect through programmatically through my following code:-

HRESULT ConnectFilters(
    IGraphBuilder *pGraph, // Filter Graph Manager.
    IPin *pOut,            // Output pin on the upstream filter.
    IBaseFilter *pDest)    // Downstream filter.
    if ((pGraph == NULL) || (pOut == NULL) || (pDest == NULL))
        return E_POINTER;

    // Find an input pin on the downstream filter.
    IPin *pIn = NULL;
    HRESULT hr = FindUnconnectedPin(pDest, PINDIR_INPUT, &pIn);

    // Try to connect them.
    if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
        hr = pGraph->ConnectDirect(pOut, pIn, NULL);//don't come out of here


    return hr;
It dont come out of here hr = pGraph->ConnectDirect(pOut, pIn, NULL);

The live source filter have been constructed by modifing the filter given on this link

Please help

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Hi Robert,

The Intel Media SDK DirectShow sample filters are only validated with a small set of filters. Due to the vast set of available filters in community we do not attempt to explore all possible scenarios, including the filter you refered to. This is also why we do supply the complete source code for the Media SDK DirectShow filters so that developers can extend the functionality for specific purposes.

I suggest you build the Media SDK H.264 DirectShow filter and explore the root of the filter connection issue. 

If other developers on this forum have experience with the "Live Source" filter please chime in.


Hello Petter Larsson,

Thanks for the reply.

Where would i find the Media SDK H.264 DirectShow filter?

And any guess why are they not connecting prog-rammatically as they are connecting successfully in graph edit.


Hi Robert,

The DirectShow sample filters are part of the SDK package, in the folder: sample_dshow_plugins


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