Decoding H.264 UDP stream Example

Decoding H.264 UDP stream Example

Hey I am trying to evaluate using the Intel Media SDK to decode a live UDP H.264 video stream from a hardware video encoder with a focus on low latency (~200ms or lower). I have been looking at the samples but all of the decoder samples only seem to support an input of a video file. Is there way to configure one of the samples to decode a UDP stream or is there another sample project I can use. I am trying to minimize the time required to get a working demo in order to measure some preliminary data on how this decoder performs against some of the other decoders out there.  Thank you for your help.

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The easiest way is to inherit from their file class, and use that as the input/output mechanism. This minimises the changes to the Intel code, but also allows you to source the data from a non file source. Thats how I hooked it up to our frame grabber and custom file mechanism.


The Media SDK product does not provide samples for all possible integration points.But we have written some white papers and tutorials that you may find interesting in your efforts.

FFmpeg supports a wide range of mux/demux features and codecs that Media SDK does not cover. FFmpeg also has support for UDP streaming. For an example on how to integrate Media SDK with FFmpeg, check out the FFmpeg integration section part of the Media SDK tutorial, here: 


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