Recommended HW configuration/components

Recommended HW configuration/components

Need the recommendation for the HW configuration which can be used as 'flagship/demo/reference' hw platform to feature the performances of Intel Media SDK performance, something that's

a) proven to work right out of the box (graphics card + WHDL certified driver performs nice with D3D and D11 surfaces)

b) not too pricey (or best for the money)

c) preferred laptop configuration, but desktop is not rejected as a choice either

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We can not make specific recommendations of products, but when shopping for a new system you can check the processor capabilities by looking at and making sure to choose a product that uses a modern Intel graphics product.  Products that contain "Intel® HD Graphics 4000" would work well, and you'd want to make sure the platform contains "Windows 8" certification, as these will contain WHDL certified DX11.1 drivers.


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