Number of available GPUs per CPU family/model/stepping ?

Number of available GPUs per CPU family/model/stepping ?

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I've been trying to find on the web some kind of summary/document/table which would quote the number of GPUs per Intel family/model/stepping. Anybody has some useful pointer ?



Hi Mamil,

By "GPUs" I assume you're interested in the number of parallel "EUs" that are available in the one graphics device.  The Media SDK abstracts this information and treats the device as a single entity (and internal code is optimized to make use of available resources).  The EUs are not the only components used for MeidaSDK tasks. 

Other APIs (like OpenCL or DirectCompute) that are designed for parallel execution have methods of reporting the number of available EUs.

I do not know of any 'offical' table listing all of Intel's products, as there are many "SKUs" and a wide variety of implementations.  Using the MediaSDK API allows application to work well on existing products, as well as future products.


>>...Anybody has some useful pointer?

Take a look at and the site has lots of information for developers.

Hi Tony,

Are Intel GPU  "EU's" related to Nvidia shader cores?

Here is a quote from the initial post: '...number of GPUs per Intel family/model/stepping...'.

He was asking about the Intel GPU information not Nvidia.

Tony, This is a short follow up...

>>...Other APIs (like OpenCL or DirectCompute) that are designed for parallel execution have methods of reporting the
>>number of available EUs...

I tried to get some information ( so far in a manual way ) from a NVIDIA Control Panel on my Dell Precision M4700. The system has two graphics cards: Intel HD Graphics 4000 and NVIDIA Quadro K1000M. So, when I selected Intel HD Graphics 4000 as a default card NVIDIA's System Information doesn't show any technical details for Intel HD Graphics 4000 card. However, this is what it shows for NVIDIA Quadro K1000M:


Downloadimage/jpeg nvidiacplsysinfo.jpg57.43 KB

I suppose that Nvidia utillity will not show any info about the other architecture gpu.

It is still not clear if is everything correct. GpuCpl test application shows some details, like:
- Bus mode: PCI
- Bus transfer rate: Unable to retrieve
- Video memory size: 512 MBytes
- Antialiasing setting: Off
- Number of Frames Buffered: 3 Frame(s)
- Setting Number of Frames Buffered to 1: 1 Frame(s)
- Resetting Number of Frames Buffered to 3: 3 Frame(s)
- Number of GPUs: 0.
- Number of GPUs in SLI mode: 0.

You can cross check those information with GPU-Z tool which also supports Intel graphics hardware.

Are you using triple buffering in your gpu?

Hi Folks,

This is a "Media SDK" support forum. While other hardware vendors may have other documentation about other APIs, I am not seeing any question about Intel products here.  The hardware implementation of the MediaSDK is designed to support a 'session' that makes appropriate use of hardware resources (which are very different than the resources of other hardware vendors).  While the Media SDK 'works with' other APIs, there is not a MediaSDK API for "GP GPU" programming.  (Implementation of MediaSDK may or may not use general-purpose or fixed function hardware resources).  If there are unrelated questions about Intel support for other APIs, please direct them to the appropriate forums.



I'm still trying to gather some information about how it could be done with some API and I'll post results later. Please take a look at another screenshot:

Also, you could create another thread in Watercooler/Catchall forum ( ) by yourself. Honestly, I would prefer to stop any technical discussions here.


Downloadimage/jpeg intelhdgraphics4000info.jpg46.73 KB

>>...This is a "Media SDK" support forum...


The original question was generic and I admit that. So, if you feel that the thread needs to be moved to a Watercooler/Catchall forum ( ) please do so. However, there nothing wrong if we try to discuss that subject even if it is Not related for 100% to Intel Media SDK. Four IDZ user provided some feedbacks ( including you ) and I don't see any violations of IDZ Forums' Rules and Policies.


      You can use GPU-Z tool to query your gpu(s).You will more detailed information.

>>...You can use GPU-Z tool to query your gpu(s)...

Did you read me previous post addressed to Tony? As soon as I have some information on how to get that information with some API I'll create a new thread in the Watercooler/Catchall forum.

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