Motherboards for Multi-CPU Quick Sync encoding

Motherboards for Multi-CPU Quick Sync encoding

Are there any known motherboards or complete systems which support using Quick Sync on multiple CPUs at the same time?

Any two CPU motherboards?

Any four CPU motherboards?



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Hi Cameron,

At the moment QuickSync is not supported for multi-socket platforms. Sorry.



Is QuickSync supported for multi-socket platforms now (2014R2 release)?


Media SDK's hardware implementation is currently available only in single socket configurations.  However, this isn't necessarily a density limitation.  There are several options available from multiple OEMs providing many processors in the same server.  For some examples please see the suggested hardware list at

So, I'm sorry for the ambiguous question. I meant to say the following.

Assume that I have many processors in the same server. Can several "QuickSync devices" be used simultaneously e.g. for transcoding? In other words, assume I can transcode 30 channels, using one processor with QuickSync. Does this mean that about 30*2 (I understand that in fact less) channels can be transcoded, using two processor configuration.


 the Core and Xeon e3 processors which can run Media SDK with HW acceleration are only available in single socket configurations.  With multiple blades (basically, multiple single processor machines) performance can scale with the number of processors.  30 channels per blade across 10 blades = 300 channels per server.  However this is not quite the same as multi-socket with shared memory, etc.

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