FFmpeg_Writer_Init failure

FFmpeg_Writer_Init failure

I am trying to run the sample simple_transcode_opaque_async_ffmpeg.cpp with the ffmpeg integration. No problems build it. Running the code, I get in FFmpeg_Writer_Init() as far as

avio_open(&g_pFormatCtxMux->pb, g_pFormatCtxMux->filename, AVIO_FLAG_WRITE)

Here, avio_open always retunrs -13. I have tried to find out what -13 means, printing out the error with av_strerror(). I get no other information than -13, and I would like to know why this call fails? Any ideas?


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Solved - no windows paths are allowed - if I pass in "test.mp4" for g_pFormatCtxMux->filename, the call succeeds.

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