Uploading and downloading an image using Intel Media SDK in C++

Uploading and downloading an image using Intel Media SDK in C++


I have to write a program, which will be sending via web compressed image file and then downloading it and decoding in c++ using Microsoft Multimedia Framework and  Intel Media Software Development Kit. I want to write it on my own and get to know how to solve this problem, but i have no idea how to start, which functions can i use, anything..my lecturer is really unhelpful, and my deadline is very soon. 

Do you have any solutions, links, tutorials, anything that can help me do that?

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From your description is seems you are trying to achieve many things and it's unclear what the focus is, such as, what your preferred framework is, if HW acceleration is needed, or if you are processing an image or video. Without more specific details it's hard to give useful recommendations.

Intel Media SDK is a product developed for video encode,decode and processing, not image processing (exception: MJPEG component can be used for JPEG image processing). 

In short, Intel Media SDK has no features related to audio, mux/demux, networking etc. so if you need such functionality you need to look elsewhere, such as MediaFoundation, DirectShow or C/C++ level frameworks such as FFmpeg.


Thanks for your reply.

I have only translated my subject of project, preffered framework is a multimedia framework. After your explanation I imagine I have to use SDK to decode and encode a video, and then use some other tools to send it somehow. But the priority is to do such things with a video file. Well, I'm searching for some useful tips, but if you have some free time, please give me a piece of advice.

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