Intel Media SDK integration into FFmpeg

Intel Media SDK integration into FFmpeg


I know a sample exists to bring FFmpeg muxing/demuxing capabilities to Intel Media SDK examples.  I have tested that and I am pretty happy with it.  It seems to work quite well.  What would it take to get ffmpeg to use QuickSync as a transcoding service?  Handbrake recently released a H264 Intel QS transcoding option for their application (  It would be great to see the same with FFmpeg.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Zach,

We are exploring many ways of extending the reach of QucikSync Video and Media SDK. Deep integration of Media SDK with FFmpeg, below the FFmpeg API would certainly be an interesting approach.

Since FFmpeg is an open source project we also encourage the community to contribute.

More extensive integration of Media SDK with FFmpeg for transcoding usages is also available here:


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