Is live transcode supported by Media SDK for Linux server?

Is live transcode supported by Media SDK for Linux server?

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Yes, Media SDK for Linux Servers and for Windows can support live transcode.  One way is to just put each session in its own thread and let the thread sleep for any remaining time so it can maintain expected framerate.

If you haven't already, please feel free to sign up for the Media SDK for Linux Beta:  You'll get access to the Media SDK for Linux Servers forum as part of your beta registration for any Linux-specific questions.





Hi, Jeffrey. Is the "session" here you say refer to the session set up by the dispatcher when the app initializes? Would you tell me more detail or  where can I  find the detailed info about live transcode? I really want to try this function. The expected test scene will be--a video file in one format input the test program, while it be output in another format in real time.

Yes, I was referring to standard Media SDK sessions.  However, even though live transcode is possible with Media SDK there is no "live mode" to enable with Media SDK settings.  This would be handled externally, by your application.  By default Media SDK will finish each frame as quickly as possible.  Your application would need to handle the real-time aspects of live transcode, though this could be as simple as inserting delays where necessary.

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