Whether use Opencl for Nvidia instead of Intel Media SDK

Whether use Opencl for Nvidia instead of Intel Media SDK

Due to my computer without Intel HD Graphics, I can not install the Intel Media SDK. The Gpu of my computer is Nvidia, so I can install Opencl for Nvidia.And I want to know if I can use the Intel Media SDK and Opencl for Nvidia application together for efficient video decoding and fast post-processing. I hope the man with the rich experience in Intel Media SDK can give me a result.

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Well technically you should be able to install the Intel Media SDK on your machine – even without Intel HD Graphics.   The install contains a software library with all the Media SDK features implemented,  it will run on the CPU.    

If you have HD graphics in the system – but the primary card is Nvidia,  then you may be able to still accelerate the Media SDK if you are using DX11 – see the developer guide for that config setup.

Using OpenCL with the Media SDK SW library can technically work by utilizing the USER module, but you may find the overhead of transferring the data between the GPU/CPU may hurt your performance. 


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