Video Studio X64 Sample issue

Video Studio X64 Sample issue

i have haswell pc with windows 8 64bit OS

when i use video studio X86version in sample/_bin/  ,the mode is Dshow, i transcode a mpeg2 clip ,the results is OK

but when i use X64 version ,the mode is mft ,there is an error on opening the clip Error: unable to create Video decoder, 

then i click transcode ,the info is  Success: stream is opened , Error: unable to create Video

what's wrong with it? how to solve ? 

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The issue you're facing is likely due to the fact that for Windows 8 only the Microsoft certified MFTs (which comes part of the graphics driver) are installed. The Media SDK installer does not provide (or register) MFT binaries built from the MFT sample code.

So to use the MFT option in the "sample_studio" sample, which is the one I assume you refer to, you will have to build the MFTs you'd like to use from the sample code then register those MFT DLLs.


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