what kind of color format

what kind of color format

i was confused . because  i  am not sure what kind of color format does  the intel media sdk support .

dose  it only support nv12?

but the sample use yv12

i need you advice

thank you advanced  

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Limitations are generally a function of the implementation and the graphics hardware currently supported operates nativity with NV12.  The software implementation of MediaSDK is implemented with YV12.  Also note that the actual API is planer YUV 4:2:0 format with 3 pointers to Y, U and V plane respectively and this can be used as either YV12 or as IYUV depending on how the application relates the 3 planes in a single object.  The file reader/writer used in the samples is all part of the same sample application code, and not actually part of the Media SDK itself.

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