how to control the produce of key frame

how to control the produce of key frame

after read the developer guide 

i know the intel media sdk can produce key frame as wish .

so control structure  is mfxEncodeCtrl 

so i use it like this 

mfxEncodeCtrl m_EncodeCtrl ;


then when i encode a frame i used like below 

sts = m_pVideoEnc->EncodeFrameAsync(m_pEncodeCtrl,m_ppEncSurfaces[nEncSurfIdx],&m_fxBS,&syncp);

sts always return  MFX_ERR_UNKNOWN 

is there something wrong with my setting ?

i am a green hand in this section .

so  is any body who can give me some advice ?

 thank you advanced !

and sorry for my poor my english 

best wishes 

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I am also very interested in how to control keyframe insertion.


I suspect the issue may be not clearing (setting all values to 0) mfxEncodeCtrl structure before setting the desired FrameType.

There is also an example for how to insert key frame in the "sample_videoconf" sample part of the Media SDK package.


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