Integrating Intel® Media SDK with FFmpeg for transcode usages

Integrating Intel® Media SDK with FFmpeg for transcode usages


The provided samples intend to illustrate how Intel® Media SDK can be used together with the popular FFmpeg suite of components to perform container muxing and demuxing (splitting). The samples also showcase integration of rudimentary FFmpeg audio decode encode and transcode.

The sample projects are based on the Intel Media SDK 2013 R2 samples ( with only small modifications to original code such as adding new mux/demux command line directives.

How to execute workloads

Below are some example command line workloads.

  1. Demux Any container and decode the MPEG2 video stream. If the container includes audio stream, it will be decoded into "audio.dat" ,then encode them into H264 video stream and AAC audio stream ,finally mux MPEG2TS container
    sample_multi_transcode.exe -i::mpeg2 CCTV1.ts -o::h264 out.ts -hw -w 720 -h 576 -f 25 -b 1000 -deinterlace

The current set of samples were tested and integrated using build "2012-08-27" of FFmpeg from:
Install VC 2010 redistributeInstall Intel Media SDK 2013 R2Prepare Intel Core 4 platformInstall newest driverscopy ffmpeg /avcodec-54.dll  avutil-51.dll  avformat-54.dll to Exe folder
Good Luck

Downloadapplication/zip sample-multi-transcode.zip99.69 KB
Downloadapplication/zip cctv1.zip7.69 MB
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Hi Wu,

thank you very much for sharing your efforts with developers on this forum. Would you also be able to share your source code for developers that may be interested?

Your approach provides a nice alternate way of approaching FFmpeg usage with Media SDK, aside the existing Media SDK tutorial FFmpeg integration sample:


this source is include peter's code and official sample .

audio part maybe is not well .


Downloadapplication/zip source.zip5.9 MB

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