how to get the intel display card type

how to get the intel display card type

hi  body

as we know the intel media sdk can support hw in  i3 i5 i7,

the key problem  is the Integrated graphics 

it can only support  hw when  Integrated graphics type is more than HD graphic 2000+

so my problem is  is there any intel api can i get the Integrated graphics type.

the window api can just return HD graphic without the detail type 

thank you advanced !

best wishes 

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Intel Media SDK does not provide any interfaces to query for the details you are looking for.

However, you can use the "mediasdk_sys_analyzer" tool, part of the SDK, to get some details about the system configuration, including the graphics driver, which name usually includes the type name. This may be what you are looking for? The tool utilizes the Windows WMI framework to gather information about the graphics driver (see the Win32_VideoController class) and other OS related information.


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