SetSkipMode function

SetSkipMode function

We are implementing DVR functionality, fast playback, for example 2x or 4x speed; 

 How MFXVideoDECODE_SetSkipMode should be used  to achieve DVR-like fast forward behavior? 

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Hi Alex,

The purpose of the SkipMode call is to tell the decoder to skip decoding of more or less frames (in essence this means skipping B frames, then P frames and eventually only decode I frames if skip distance is large).

SkipMode can be called at anytime after initializing the decoder. SkipMode can also be called several times to gradually increase or decrease the # of skipped frames.

We do not provide sample code for this specific feature. But as described above, using it is a matter of just calling the function (one line of code). The Media SDK reference manual have some additional details.

    Example: SetSkipMode(MFX_SKIPMODE_MORE);


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