Intel Media SDK Hardware Accelaration

Intel Media SDK Hardware Accelaration


I am running Win7 64-bit on a sandy bridge (i7-2700k) with a discrete graphics card (Nvidia) and currently developing a Transcoder which works great with MFX_IMPL_SOFTWARE.

// Session init
m_session.Init( (MFX_IMPL_AUTO_ANY | MFX_IMPL_VIA_ANY),&version);

 // Always return software

  • According to 4.18 Handling Multiple Graphics Adapters It should be possible to utilize the integrated GPU even though I use a discrete GPU as my primary. Is this supported under Win7? 

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Hi Carl,

Yes, i7-2700k (Intel 2nd generation Core processor) does have support for HW accelerated decode and encode.

Make sure you have the most recent Intel graphics driver installed on your system. If you are using Win7 then you have to resort to using DirectX9 which does imply some limitations on systems with multiple graphics devices, such as requiring having monitor physically attached to the Intel graphics device to make sure the device is active.


This trick should work on Windows 7:

By adding the display device there is no need for a physically attached monitor.

Thanks for the information and tricks.

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