Bay Trail (what HW accel)

Bay Trail (what HW accel)

What HW accel does a Bay Trail provide? using the sdk?

H264 ENcode?

VPP?  What does it not offer tha one might expect, regarding VPP or anything else?

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Intel platform with code name "Bay Trail" is a platform that has yet to be released. We do not discuss non released platforms on this forum. If you require details about this platform suggest you connect with Intel sales representative and request NDA process.

On a very high level I can reveal that some of these platforms will have video acceleration capabilities similar to 3rd generation Core processors.


This URL should show which formerly called Bay Trail CPU in ARK support Quick Sync:


What is Dell selling (since 18 October) in its Venue 8 Pro?

Intel® Atom™ processor Z3740D with 32GB storage (2MB Cache, up to 1.8GHz Quad-Core)

Ships the 25th, this Friday.

Hi again,

Sorry, My bad!  I was not thinking straight this morning, in my head I was thinking about a different platform. "Baytrail" platforms are definitely public.

The capabilities with regards to HW acceleration of video are very similar to 3rd generation Core processor.


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