"libmfxsw64_d.dll" and "libmfxsw32_d.dll" on _DEBUG sample build: do they exist?

"libmfxsw64_d.dll" and "libmfxsw32_d.dll" on _DEBUG sample build: do they exist?

The samples in the current SDK want the _d names on _DEBUG builds.  I can't find those (sw).  Should I expec to find those?

#if defined(_WIN64)
msdk_disp_char * const defaultDLLName[2] = {L"libmfxhw64_d.dll",
#elif defined(WIN32)
msdk_disp_char * const defaultDLLName[2] = {L"libmfxhw32_d.dll",

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No, you should not expect to find those, as we do not provide the debug DLLs.  Thank you for reporting this bug in the mfx_disptach code.  Please remove the "_d" from the names.  (The debug disptacher should look the same retail DLL as the retail dispatcher).

First, kudos for making this simple.   I spent months with mediafoundation to get it going (docs/samples are, well, I don't think I have to say more).  Only a day with this SDK.  And it's all simple.  MF is crazy hard.

Another one.  The encoder tutorial, simple_3_encode, offerst to supply fake input with a constant but then does not do anything different.

    // Stage 1: Main encoding loop
    while (MFX_ERR_NONE <= sts || MFX_ERR_MORE_DATA == sts)        
        nEncSurfIdx = GetFreeSurfaceIndex(pEncSurfaces, nEncSurfNum); // Find free frame surface  

        bool enableFakeInput = false;
        enableFakeInput = true;
        FILE *fSource = nullptr;
        sts = LoadRawFrame(pEncSurfaces[nEncSurfIdx], fSource, enableFakeInput);

Input sucks up all the time so getting it to fake it makes timing more rellevent.

And againy, well done on this SDK.  At times (all) I think MS purposely makes their stuff crazy hard, at least for those of us on the outside.

One last thing. igfx_s3dcontrol.  Is that used for more than stereo 3D?  I'm not a fan of link warnings (vs 8.0 pdb or whatever) all over the place, but from a very quick look, it handles HW allocs so I have to include the .lib, at least for the demo sample I compiled.  Is that correct?  Need this .lib?  If so, any plans on putting ou thte source as there is for the dispatcher?


We are happy to hear that you like Intel Media SDK.

The S3D library is only needed in case you plan to render/display S3D content. There are no plans on making the library source code open.


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