MVC encoded files will not import into Song DVD Architect Pro v6.0

MVC encoded files will not import into Song DVD Architect Pro v6.0

I have encoded a short video using Frimencode which is a free mvc encoder using Intel Media SDK. The command line was

frimencode -avi -i l.avs  r.avs -viewoutput -o::mvc l9.avc  l9.mvc -vbr 30000 40000 -u 7  -f 23.976 -h 1080 -w 1920 -gop 24 4 0 o -level 4.1 -cpbsize 3570 -l 6 -profile high -PicTimingSEI off -EndOfSequence off

When I tried to import this into DVDA I got the following message

The dependent (.mvc) stream for the selected video is not Blu-ray complient or does not match the base stream.

I had a reply from another form which said:

This command line gives bd compliant main stream. Dependent stream have one error: The order of SEI messages in a dependent unit is incorrect. DoStudio muxed such streams with no problem. Scenarist muxed too with one condition: you have to uncheck "Enable spec check.." in MUI-generator when throw .mvc on it.

I assume this is a bug in Intel Media SDK. Is there a work around?. How do I officially report this to Intel.


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Hi Trevor,

The Intel Media SDK product team has no insight into internals and supported set of features for the "frimencode" tool you refer to. We cannot directly support tools developed by 3rd parties.

I suggest you connect with the developers of this tool to explore potential issues. If the tool developer happens to identify an issue or limitation with the Media SDK we can certainly help address it.


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