DirectShow decoder and DivX

DirectShow decoder and DivX


I'm trying to decode DivX video stream in DirectShow graph using sample directshow plugins. The stream has FOURCC type DX50. All filters are connected, but DecodeHeader and RunDecode returns error -10 (~MFX_ERR_MORE_DATA). I've tried to use both and h264 and mpeg2 decoder filters.

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DivX decoding isn't supported by IMSDK.

See Intel_Media_Developers_Guide.pdf:
Decoders: H.264 (AVC and MVC), MPEG-2, VC-1, JPEG*/Motion JPEG

And you got no solution how to transcode it into H264, for example?

Question to Intel developers: was the Divx ever considered to be supported?

Hi Vassili,

DivX has been considered but there are currently no near or long terms plans to support this codec/format type.

You will have to obtain DivX decoder from a 3rd party and then integrate that with Media SDK H.264 encoder to perform transcoding.


Hi Petter,

We are using at this moment ffdshow codec to decode and DivX and H264 video streams. But I'm trying to replace the fsdshow with Intel decoder, to remove the whole bunch of ffdshow setup, and keep the installation of our product more compact. There is another reason why I looking for a Intel decoder: ffdshow is less performant, yes it has also Intel QuickSync implementation but this specific implementation in ffdshow messes up with the timestamps, which are very essential for our player for the synchronisation with the data. On another side I can make little changes in the Intel directshow plugin sample so that the timestamps remain intact, plus much better performance comparing to ffdshow. 


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