AVC/MVC decoder and Avisynth plugin

AVC/MVC decoder and Avisynth plugin


Does anyone already made a AVC/MVC decoder with this SDK ? And greater, does anyone already made an Avisynth plugin with this SDK ?

We would like to create an Avisynth plugin with 2 inputs, left and right view, and made Side-by-side, Over-Under, Left view or Right view output.

If anyone could help us it will perfect !

Thanks !

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I'll leave it to others to comment on Avisynth, but the Media SDK Tutorial has some excellent simplified starting points for code development.

Thanks for your response. I'm going to download the tutorial.

With "simple_2_decode", is it possible to output to another format ? I've seen output is YUV.

Is any example for DirectShow source decoder ?

And which IDE is needed to compile sample ? I don't have any IDE at now :(

Thanks again !

Hi Nicolas,

Media SDK decoder only supports output to NV12 format (exception is the JPEG decoder which also supports direct RGB32 output). You can use Media SDK VPP to convert from NV12 to RGB32. If you need other color space format then you will have to use external color space conversion routine.

The Media SDK package includes several DirectShow source code samples.

Media SDK (Windows) samples are supplied with solution/project files for Microsoft Visual Studio.


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