How mvc_dec_filter.dll works ?

How mvc_dec_filter.dll works ?


I'm trying mvc_dec_filter.dll but it doesn't work for me.

I have made a graph with GraphEdit and it includes h264_dec_filter.dll (it works without problem) but I can't rely any source on mvc_dec_filter.dll.

Does anyone could explain me how does it work ?

Thanks !

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Hi Nicolas,

You should be able to use regular File Source Async Filter to read an MP4 MVC file, then connect it to Intel Media SDK MP4 splitter Filter and further to MVC Decoder Filter.

For rendering you need to use a custom EVR rendering approach as illustrated in the "custom_evr_presenter" sample.

Keep in mind that the Media SDK DIrectShow samples are just sample code and may not fit all use cases. You may have to adapt the code to your needs. The binary splitters and muxers provided with the SDK are not fully capable so you may want to explore commercial or community supported split/mux components instead.


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