MPEG2 file encode with Hardwre base IQSV Encoder not play properly

MPEG2 file encode with Hardwre base IQSV Encoder not play properly


Currently I am using Intel QuickSync SDK ver 2013 and doing Hardware based Mpeg (Mpeg2 DVD) and H264 Encoding.

But recorded Mpeg file is not properly play in Windows Media player and in VLC player there is frame drop equal to no of GOP in files.

During analysis of recorded Mpeg file, I found that

1. SRC is not set properly. First I frame is start from 740 ms.

2. Also get error Sequence_end_code NOT FOUND, in Stream E0! 

3. VBV Buffer Size = 273 -> (546 KB)

Please encoder setting whch we set for Mpeg Recording

        BRCParamMultiplier    0    unsigned short

+        FrameInfo    {reserved=0x0000000002277698 FrameId={...} FourCC=842094158 ...}    mfxFrameInfo

      FrameId    {TemporalId=0 PriorityId=0 DependencyId=0 ...}    mfxFrameId

             TemporalId    0    unsigned short
             PriorityId    0    unsigned short
             DependencyId    0    unsigned short
             QualityId    0    unsigned short
             ViewId    0    unsigned short

        FourCC    842094158    
        Width    720    
        Height    576    
        CropX    0   
        CropY    0    
        CropW    720    
        CropH    576    
        FrameRateExtN    25    
        FrameRateExtD    1   
        reserved3    0    
        AspectRatioW    2304    
        AspectRatioH    2160   
        PicStruct    4    
        ChromaFormat    1    


        CodecId    843534413    
        CodecProfile    64    
        CodecLevel    8   
        NumThread    0    
        TargetUsage    0    
        GopPicSize    15    
        GopRefDist    3    
        GopOptFlag    1    
        IdrInterval    1    
        RateControlMethod    1    
        InitialDelayInKB    0    
        QPI    0    
        Accuracy    0    
        BufferSizeInKB    0    
        TargetKbps    6000    
        QPP    6000    
        MaxKbps    6000    
        QPB    6000   
        Convergence    6000    
        NumSlice    0    
        NumRefFrame    0    
        EncodedOrder    0    
        DecodedOrder    0    
        ExtendedPicStruct    15    
        TimeStampCalc    3    
        SliceGroupsPresent    1    

        JPEGChromaFormat    0    
        Rotation    15    
        JPEGColorFormat    3    
        InterleavedDec    1    

        Interleaved    0    
        Quality    15    
        RestartInterval    3   

I attach sample Media File.
I also attach my System configuration and Quicksync version detail also (Machine config.jpg)

Thanking You.


Parag Gandhi


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Please find the mediasdk-system-analyzer output and sample media file (Mpeg2 DVD) file which I record.


Downloadimage/jpeg Machine config_0.jpg329.85 KB
Downloadvideo/mpeg Sample_DVD_0.mpg28.69 MB

Hi Parag,

We will look into the reported scenario in detail and get back you shortly. Thanks for your feedback.


Hi again Parag,

With SRC do you mean SCR(System Clock Reference)?

What is your concern about the VBV buffer size value?

Regarding sequence end code. You can explicitly insert this by setting the parameter EndOfSequence in mfxExtCodingOption.


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