BRCParamMultiplier in Media Foundation

BRCParamMultiplier in Media Foundation


I'm trying to use the Intel H.264 Encoder through the Media Foundation interface and am facing issues when setting the output media type. Originally the issue was that IMFTransform::SetOutputType would return E_FAIL but after debugging i came down to the fact that querying the video encoder parameters return MFX_WRN_INCOMPATIBLE_VIDEO_PARAM inside the Intel plugin code, and after i compared the in/corrected parameter structures i realized that the only thing corrected was BRCParamMultiplier (from 0 to 1). I could not find this parameter referenced anywhere in the MF plugin code, so I guess there are no ways to set it to via the MF interface, any suggestions what to do to overcome this? The resolution used is 1920x1080, i've set base profile and NV12 as input type, all of that seemed ok and the BRCParamMultiplier seemed to be the only corrected field.

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Sorry my bad, I did not pay enough attention, apart from the BRCParamMultiplier  I was also missing MF_MT_INTERLACE_MODE, after setting that on the output type it seems to get accepted.


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