encoding h264 with Media SDK 2013 R2.

encoding h264 with Media SDK 2013 R2.


I encode h264 1080i with media sdk 2013 R2  ,The machine will crash, sometimes for hours, sometimes to 4-5 days.The keyboard and mouse are not response, display in the crash of the time.

I am using cpu i7 4770 HD4600 driver ver: 10. 18.10.3345

OS:win7 64bit.

The EncParams is  HW d3d9:



GopPicSize = 16

GopRefDist = 3






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Hi Jone,

There are currently no known issues with HW encoder crash/instability.

Can you please share your exact encoder configuration. You can fetch this using the Media SDK tracer tool.

Please also share your high level system configuration. You can fetch this using the Media SDK system analyzer tool.

Can you reproduce the issue with slightly modified sample_encode sample or does the issue only occur in your application? And please provide more details about in what context you use encode.


hi petter,

Thanks you for your reply,I will modify sample_encode sample to reproduce the problem.but It will take a long time,even a few days or weeks.



This is probably not your problem, but just in the very very small chance it is:

I experienced the following:

When moving harddisks between different core CPUs when using the IMSDK, I observed flakey behavior, sometimes things functioned OK, sometimes not.

I moved a Win7 harddrive from a 2nd Gen Core CPU to a 4th Gen Core CPU, it worked often enough I did not suspect moving the install as the problem, but as soon as I either re-installed the driver or updated, the intermittent crashes inside IMSDK disappeared.

So, I presume there is some state kept by the libmfxhw.dll drivers that do not expect a CPU change after the time of install.

It is probably not your issue, but it was one of those hard-to-identify problems for me that I realized I better remember and not repeat.

Good luck 


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