sample_full_transcode: [ERROR] MFXVideoENCODE::Init, sts=-15

sample_full_transcode: [ERROR] MFXVideoENCODE::Init, sts=-15


I am running the sample_full_transcode sample and get an error.

Here is what I am using as the command line input:

sample_full_transcode.exe -i H264file.264 -o H264toMp4.mp4 -format mp4


Here is my output:

pipeline_profile.cpp :161 [INFO] Track 0   : Video enabled
pipeline_manager.cpp :76 [INFO] Input     : H264file.264
pipeline_manager.cpp :77 [INFO] NumTracks : 1
pipeline_manager.cpp :78 [INFO] Output    : H264toMp4.mp4
session_storage.cpp :71 [INFO] Video library version: 1.8
...........transform_venc.cpp :167 [ERROR] MFXVideoENCODE::Init, sts=-15
main.cpp :58 [ERROR] Exiting...


Thoughts?  One potential problem is that when I go through MediaSDK Sample Guide, it tells me that I should Add “<install-folder>/thirdparty/ffmpeg/bin/win32” or “<install-folder>/thirdparty/ffmpeg/bin/x64” to PATH variable..  only the thirdparty/ffmpeg/ folder doesn't have a bin folder in it.. is it supposed to?  or am I supposed to compile it myself?

I did try copying the contents of ffmpeg/lib_<arch> into that bin folder as described here:, but was still getting the same error.

Thank you!

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Hi Matthew,

please refer to my post on your other forum thread for details about the sample documentation,

"full_transcode" sample only support container->container transcode.  Not ES->container transcode use cases.


Edit, my bad.. should've looked up the error code first before posting here.   It is a MFX_ERR_INVALID_VIDEO_PARAM, means one of my parameters is wrong.


And Petter you answered my question in another thread... I'll check out readme-full-transcode.rtf which exists under 'Full Transcoding Sample 5.0.337.78585\sample_full_transcode'.  Thanks again for the help!

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