RHEL 6.x/7.x support?

RHEL 6.x/7.x support?

hi, all,

As we know, RHEL/CentOS is the most widely used linux server OS. Do we have plan to support RHEL/CentOS 6/7 ?

Currently, intel media sdk for server only supports ubuntu/suse, is it because they use the latest linux kernel? is there any limitation for kernel-2.6.32.x that we can not run the i915 drivers? Could I try to backport the driver to support RHEL?

Looking forward to your invaluable information!



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The need to add CentOS/RHEL support is well understood and the team is investigating solutions.  However,  today it is an unsupported configuration.  This does not mean you cannot use it.  However, it does mean a few extra steps for support.  If any problems are found they will need to be replicated on a supported configuration (Ubuntu 12.04 or SLES 11) before we can process them.

The 2.6 kernel/i915 will not work.  However, if you can use a newer kernel (the closer to the tip the better) your chances for success will increase.  Changes to enable Media SDK are added to the kernel tip then backported to work with Ubuntu and SLES long-term support distributions.

Please keep watching here and the release notes for any updates on supported configurations.



hi, Jeffrey,

Thank you, I'll try to build 3.8.x kernel on RHEL 6 and build intel media sdk on it.

I have another question, as we know, libva works on RHEL 6, it's also based on intel i915 drivers, right? so what's the difference between intel media sdk kmod and libva drivers(http://cgit.freedesktop.org/vaapi/intel-driver)?

Hope the team could take a look at the RHEL 7 beta, which uses the latest 3.10 kernel by default. As I know, RHEL has better hardware support for latest HP/Dell/IBM server platforms, which is VERY important for enterprise level deployment.


Peter Yu.

Intel Media SDK adds several modifications to libdrm and libva to enable smooth operation for media workloads.  There are many ways to have multiple versions of these libraries on the system simultaneously, which can cause unexpected behavior.  We're looking into better long-term methods for package management, but for now extra care must be taken to ensure that conflicts between Media SDK's libdrm and libva don't happen.

Regards, Jeff 

hi, Jeffrey,

I've heard that Media SDK is planning to support CentOS7, could you help to confirm when it's possible to release?

FYI. The kernel is 3.10.0:



Peter Yu.

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Hi Peter,

You can find more information in this article on supported versions, Linux distributions, and hardware.



hi, Jeffrey,

Thank you! I'm waiting for the EOY release.

Peter Yu.

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