Generated Mp4 file won't play

Generated Mp4 file won't play

The more specific problem I'm having is that upon playing the mp4 file my program generates, I get a "Windows Media player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type of might not support the codec that was used to compress the file."

The h264 file will play so I'd like to run through what I'm doing and at least make sure it makes sense, any thoughts as to things to look for would be appreciated.

After setting it up, I generate a Bitstream for h264 frames and I write them out to a file, one after another.

I then take that bitstream and feed it through MFXMuxer_PutBitstream (this might be related to this question:

Within MFXMuxer_PutBitstream, it automatically calls curBitstream->write, where curBitstream is a DataIO object (I wrote my own so that instead of saving to/from a file, it just copies the buffer passed into curBitstream->write into a mfxBitstream within the file).

Then as soon as MFXMuxer_PutBitstream finishes executing I call curBitstream->Read, pull the Bitstream out, which seems like it should represent mp4 frames, and write them one at a time to a file.

Then I try to play the file. This approach is correct, right?

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Figured it out, it was indeed a MFXMuxer_PutBitstream problem, basically I was passing in a 0 instead of a 1 for the track number because I assumed that track_num was 0-indexed, whereas it's actually 1-indexed... probably worth adding to the documentation.

Request noted.  Thanks!

Also, just so this answer doesn't mess anyone else up.. for some reason switching track number from 0 to 1 appeared to fix the problem previously.  But I believe that what was actually happening was that it was simply avoiding the line of code that was messing up and making it look like it was working.

If you go through the MFXMuxer_PutBitstream code, these line make me think it is indeed 0 indexed:

if (track_num >= in_mux->stream_params.NumTracks)
        return MFX_ERR_UNKNOWN;


So my bad and make sure that documentation is correct in that regard.  Thank you!

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