HEVC encoder/decoder in MediaSDK 2014

HEVC encoder/decoder in MediaSDK 2014

Based on release note, Intel MediaSDK 2014 have HEVC/H265 encoder/decoder.  I have a few related questions:

Is it pure software implementation without any acceleration from GPU?

If so, are there any benchmark results available for this encoder? For example, can it encoder 1089i30 video in real time on a four core i7-3370@3.4GHz platform?

When will the hardware accelerated HEVC codec available similar to quick sync AVC codec be available in the future?



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The Intel Media SDK HEVC encoder and decoder are available as plugins in the HEVC Software Pack via the Media Solutions Portal.

Yes, it is a pure software implementation today.  As such, the first priority is to functionally preview features which will be available in hardware.  You're encouraged to benchmark yourself via the "try it now" option.  However, just to set expectations correctly, HD encode is significantly slower than realtime, even with best speed target usage.

We're very aware that hardware acceleration for HEVC is of high interest and will disclose more details when they are available.  Near term the invitation is open to the community to try out the software version.  Please let us know what you think.

 Thank you Jeffrey.

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