software impl not supported in linux sdk?

software impl not supported in linux sdk?

hi, all,

I'm testing linux sdk on virtual machine with ubuntu, however, MFXInit() will return -3, strace reported not found.

Where could I get or it's not supported on linux sdk?


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Media SDK for Linux does not include a software implementation for many reasons.  There is no option to get it.   If your goal is to evaluate several configurations of Media SDK for Linux, one of my favorite approaches is to create "live" installations with remastersys.  It is not the same as hardware virtualization with the ability to run multiple VMs simultaneously, but it does allow some features of VMs like snapshots or migrating environments to different hardware.

Thank you! I just want test media sdk API before the hardware is ready.

So will the SW impl be included in future version of linux sdk? I've read through "readme-dispatcher-linux.pdf", it does mentioned


There are no plans to include a SW implementation for Linux.  However, this feedback will be useful for future planning.   

Would something like this work for you?

  • Preview/test new features in Windows (when there is feature overlap)
  • Software plugins wrapping 3rd party SW implementations of codecs for portability

Regards, Jeff 

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