Media SDK 2014, where is libmfxmd.lib?

Media SDK 2014, where is libmfxmd.lib?

Trying to migrate our application from Media SDK 2013 to 2014.  The SDK is used in our Win32 DLL which uses dynamic links to the MFC.  In previous versions, we linked against libmfxmd.lib, but this file doesn't seem to be distributed in Media SDK 2014.  LInking against libmfx.lib casuses all kinds of linker errors.  Is it possible to get a 2014 version of libmfxmd?  

Any other suggestions?

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Source files of libmfx*.lib can be found at \Media SDK 2014 for Clients\opensource\mfx_dispatch. You can build desired library yourself.

Thanks very much, that's just what I needed.

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