Pure virtual functional call

Pure virtual functional call

Hi. We are using QSV h.264 decoder in our product to decode several streams simultaneously (in joined sessions).
At some point, message box pops up which says "R6025 - pure virtual functional call" when inside MFXVideoDECODE_DecodeFrameAsync call.
This happens with libmfxhw64.dll file version Is this a known issue and how it can be avoided?

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Hi.  This is not a known issue, and no one else has reported this specific error message.  We have seen a variety of behaviors when low memory conditions exist, and each application handles warnings and errors slightly differently.

Are you able to reproduce the issue using either the "sample_multi_transcode" application or other simple application which allows joined sessions?

Can you provide information about the platform (hardware ) and drivers being used?  (The output o the mediasdk_sys_analyzer application in the tools\ directory would provide this information.).

If issue is easy to reproduce, you can also try to capture a 'tracer' log using the tool in the mediasdk_tracer\ directory.  With this log we may be able to determine what is occurring.



Intel Media SDK System Analyzer (64 bit)

The following versions of Media SDK API are supported by platform/driver:

    Version    Target    Supported    Dec    Enc
    1.0    HW    Yes        X    X    [Adapter 1]
    1.0    SW    Yes        X    X
    1.1    HW    Yes        X    X    [Adapter 1]
    1.1    SW    Yes        X    X
    1.3    HW    Yes        X    X    [Adapter 1]
    1.3    SW    Yes        X    X
    1.4    HW    Yes        X    X    [Adapter 1]
    1.4    SW    Yes        X    X
    1.5    HW    Yes        X    X    [Adapter 1]
    1.5    SW    Yes        X    X
    1.6    HW    Yes        X    X    [Adapter 1]
    1.6    SW    Yes        X    X
    1.7    HW    Yes        X    X    [Adapter 1]
    1.7    SW    Yes        X    X
    1.8    HW    Yes        X    X    [Adapter 1]
    1.8    SW    Yes        X    X

Graphics Devices:
    Name                                         Version             State
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760                     08
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760                     Active
    Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600                 08

System info:
    CPU:    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz
Installed Media SDK packages (be patient...processing takes some time):

Analysis complete... [press ENTER]

I was not able to reproduce this issue with modified sample_decode that runs multiple threads with joined sessions decoding same stream. I will try to capture tracer logs next time.

Hi again. This same problem reproduces again and again in our application. Here are analyzer output and application minidump. The popup window shows up when decoding thread calls DecodeFrameAsync. I hope this information will help.


Downloadtext/plain analyzer_0.txt1.55 KB
Downloadapplication/zip dump1.zip771.43 KB

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