VC1_VLD2010 support of 4K

VC1_VLD2010 support of 4K

Hello again.

Back to January 2014, I reported under Driver 3345 release notes this post:

The post says that for this 3D VC-1 clip with a 2880 x 1080 resolution, the DXVA VC1_VLD2010 device decoder produced artifacts.

All the other decoders (VC1_VLD_ClearVideo, VC1_VLD_2_ClearVideo, WMV9_IDCT, VC1_IDCT) are working just fine up to 4K.

The workaround from Intel was to disable 4K support of VC1_VLD2010 and to limit decoding up to 1080p in the next driver release of Driver 3412 as I wrote back then: (take a look in number 3)

The problem is that even latest driver 3621 hasn't resolved that issue and VC1_VLD2010 decoder is still limited up to 1080p, while all the other Vc-1/WMV9 decoders go up to 4K.

The question is:

Do you think this bug is fixable ?

Is there an ETA of this fix ?




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The link above is dead for the clip.

Here is the original address:


I believe this is a question about the graphics drivers and hardware and not about the Intel Media SDK product.

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