Intel Media SDK 2014 R2 available for download

Intel Media SDK 2014 R2 available for download

These releases are available for download:

  • Intel Media SDK 2014 R2 for Linux Servers (Release notes in package)
  • Intel Media SDK 2014 R2 for Clients (Release Notes online and in package)

More information on all versions of Media SDK, as well as extensions, plug-ins, samples, and tutorials can be found at the Media Solutions Portal.

For further reading, please see the list of Media SDK white papers.

Release highlights:

Linux Servers:

  • DRMserver provides options for running under regular/unprivileged accounts. 
  • Updates for lookahead, VPP composition/alpha blending, MJPEG, decode corruption reporting, and MPEG2 encode user data insertion


  • Updates to VPP composition, AVC skip frame control, AVC slice size control

Best Regards,The Media SDK Product Team


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I have a question regarding HEVC package - how it would perform on platforms that don't have HW support for HEVC codec, eg. Bay Trail? What is the estimate performance for example on E3845 with h.265 encoding/decoding?

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