Init for session and decode

Init for session and decode


   For decoding multiple video streams purpose, I created threads for each stream and start all decoding at the same time. However, some of them will be delayed to decode their 1st frame because the threads are blocked for seconds after calling MFXInit() and MFXVideoDECODE_Init(). The more threads and streaming created the issue happens easier.

   Is there a way to avoid this blocking?  Or, a way to set timeout (ex: 500ms)? 

   Thanks a lot!



(The previous post seems to be unreadable, so I post it again. Sorry for the duplicate post.)

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Sorry for the delayed reply.  While we don't have a sample or example for this specific use case, one could be set up easily by launching several threads/processes of simple_2_decode from the tutorials which can be found at the Media Solutions Portal.   When I've tested scenarios like this I have seen behavior like you describe, but at least in that case of the delays was disk I/O from writing many raw frames to disk.


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