About VP8 HW Codec support

About VP8 HW Codec support


As we know, the "Intel-Media-SDK 2014 R2 for server" didn't support VP8 codec.

Do you have any plan to support VP8 HW Codec in the future?

Will the Intel Broadwell CPU (graphics) with next generation Intel-Media-SDK support VP8 Codec?

Your prompt response will be most appreciated.





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Sorry for the delayed reply.  While your interest in VP8 is appreciated, there are many things to prioritize and there is no timeline for VP8 ready to share.  Please watch this forum and product release notes for more information on new features as product updates are released.  Thanks!


Does any update for MSDK support VP8 HW Codec issue? Thanks a lot!!


Hi Alex, 

Yes, Vp8 codec is supported on 5th generation system. Vp8 fully hw decode solution is present on Linux and windows. Vp8 GPU accelerated(hybrid solution) encode on Linux OS. 


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