Media SDK vs IPP H264 encoder

Media SDK vs IPP H264 encoder


I am using IPP to encode the video frames into H264 using UMC classes and using the encoded video to stream using RTSP. The quality is nowhere compared to x264 library. I am wondering how does media SDK H264 encoder compares against IPP H264 encoder.

Is there any options that can be set to improve the quality of video stream.




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Sorry for the delayed reply.  While we don't have any official quality comparisons with IPP, x264 quality is well known.  While x264 has a very wide range of speed/quality parameters which can be tuned, Media SDK has far fewer and quality/performance stays within a relatively narrow range.  

The main ways to boost Media SDK's quality are by moving the targetusage to "balanced" or "best quality" and using lookahead.  Please keep in mind that lookahead can increase latency, which may not be appropriate for all streaming applications.   


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