Setting up desired GOP Sequence

Setting up desired GOP Sequence


I wanted to know how to set up the GOP sequence to be all Closed. What settings do I need to achieve this?

I currently have the following code set up in addition to the GOPPicSize and GOPRefDist set but when I check the GOP flag some are closed and some are open.

    pMFXInfo->GopOptFlag     =    MFX_GOP_CLOSED;   (or I've tried  pMFXInfo->GopOptFlag     =    MFX_GOP_STRICT;)
    pMFXInfo->IdrInterval         =    0;

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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You've got the right group of parameters and the settings seem very reasonable.  Are you encoding to H.264 or MPEG2?   With H.264 IDR implies closed GOP.  

I am currently encoding in both H264 and MPEG2. I am using the IDR setting in the H264 encode. When I analyze the MPEG2 file in MProbe the GOP has a pattern of being closed for a few frames, then open for another few, then closed again, etc.

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