without B frame

without B frame


I want to get frames encoded without B frames, any ways to do that?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Johnson,

You can do that by setting the GotRefDist=1 in mfxInfoMFX structure. You can find more information in the mediasdk-man.pdf (p120) in <MEDIASDK>/doc folder. To quote from the manual (you can find an example code on p123 in the same manual).

Distance between I- or P- key frames; if it is zero, the GOP structure is unspecified. Note: If GopRefDist = 1, there are no B-frames used. See Example 14 for pseudo-code that demonstrates how SDK uses this parameter.

Is there any sample code somewhere?

When setting the mfx structure, you can set this flag as well. You can find an example in the simple_6_encode_vmem_lowlatency tutorial.

You can find the tutorials in the "TUTORIALS" tab in this page: https://software.intel.com/en-us/media-solutions-portal

Here is the direct link to download the tutorials zip file: http://software.intel.com/sites/default/files/mediasdk-tutorials-0.0.3.zip

got it. THX


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