Hang when stopping an H264 QSV capture

Hang when stopping an H264 QSV capture


We are currently experiencing a hang when stopping an H264 QSV capture. The workflow we are doing in this case is the following:
- We do 4 capture at the same time and split files after a defined period. During a split, we are stopping 4 captures and starting 4 other at the same time to not lose any frame.
- We convert YUY2 to NV12 then do the encoding to H264.
- We use the de-interlacer
- We are capturing 1080i (25 or 29.97 fps) streams.

I'm attaching  the log from the sys analyzer for the rest of the information. Unfortunately, I tried to run our application using the tracer, but when using it, it is too unstable (it crashes within a few minutes when tracing is on) to be able to reproduce the bug... The version of the SDK and dll we use match, but it's still unstable (we are using Media SDK 2014 for Clients (x64)).

I have dumps where a thread is clearly hung in libmfxhw64.dll when we try to close the encoder (MFXVideoENCODE_Close). I'd like to send it to you in a private message if possible.

Is this an issue you are aware of or working on?

Thanks in advance!

Downloadtext/plain sys_analyzer dump.txt2.14 KB
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There was an issue discovered in the graphics drivers and fixed recently, but it is hard to tell if it is the cause of what you are seeing.  New graphics drivers are being validated now, and should be available very soon.

There was also an issue found in the Media SDK dispatch code (the libmfx.lib that your application links with).  I notice your system has both NVidia and Intel graphics adapters, so there is some possibility you may need the modification described in this thread:


Please feel free to send private message if you would like more information.



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