The problem of MediaServerStudioEssentials2015R6 to support the mainboard of S1200RPM

The problem of MediaServerStudioEssentials2015R6 to support the mainboard of S1200RPM

I meet some troubles when i install the SDK  MediaServerStudioEssentials2015R6 with the mainboard of S1200RPM and the CPU is V3  Xeon E3-1285 V3.

When i use the plan of  Mediaserverstudioessentials2015r6 that your Technical support suggested ,it can not start the kernel that contained  Mediaserverstudioessentials2015r6. And then, i upgraded the BIOS of the mainboardS1200RPM to the newest.

The CPU that we used is Xeon E3-1285 V3 , and  worked with chipset C226. That is all by your command , but it dosen't work now. So , i doubt that the mainboard is not support . What is the limitation of the mainboard that make the work can not carry on.

When i installed the kernel that contained in the Mediaserverstudioessentials2015r6,then i restarted the computer .It didn't work anymore and the BIOS displayed ERROR message. 


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Hi Mao, 

The details of the system you have provided is supported by Media Server Studio, also the mainboard is supported. Have you followed the process mentioned in the getting started guide? What OS do you have- Windows or LInux? which Linux flavor -  CentOS or SLES?

Check the 4th question in FAQ for the smoke test to verify installation
Q. How can I check if Media Server Studio is installed correctly for my OS?

For Windows, an easy-to-use installer is provided that delivers a successful status message after completing the install process.

For Linux, review the Getting Started Guide on how to install Media Server Studio for CentOS and SLES. To check if the install process was successful, here are some tests to help identify issues. (The output of these commands should match the ones provided in the Guide)

uname –ar
Ensure you are booted into the correct kernel. The following command should return the kernel with "MSSrN" in the ID (where N is the release number).

lspci –nn | grep VGA
Check if the Intel® Integrated Graphics is being recognized by the PCI on VGA

lsmod | grep i915 
Check if the i915 DRM module is installed

When running samples or tutorials applications, please use the drm module. Also ensure that you run them as root (not sudo, but root). To work around this, review the article Using drmserver with Media SDK for Linux Servers Applications.

Also, did you test the system before upgrading the BIOS? If not, any reason to upgrade. We suspect you might be able to get the Media Server Studio running without upgrading the BIOS. 

Please let us know all the info asked above to debug this issue. 


This issue got resolved. As a note for others to get benefit - close the option ' on board card 'of PCI, when starting BIOS to boot into Media Server Studio kernel. 
Closing this issue. If you do come across any issue feel free to start a new post. 


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