UMC_HEVC_DECODER::h265_exception in MFXVideoDECODE_DecodeHeader for HEVC video

UMC_HEVC_DECODER::h265_exception in MFXVideoDECODE_DecodeHeader for HEVC video

I have a 4K video file for which the first frame in the video seems to be a CRA frame. The NAL unit byte for the first slice is 0x2A. 

At the beginning of the buffer I pass to DecodeHeader I do pass the sequence header buffers (NAL unit bytes 0x40, 0x42 and 0x44), so the sequence header information should be complete. But in the debugger window, I see this twice for each DecodeHeader call:

First-chance exception at 0x7703c54f in graphedt.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: UMC_HEVC_DECODER::h265_exception at memory location 0x00229f04..

The original file is very big (400MB), so I copied the first 2MB to . 2MB should be enough to see why DecodeHeader fails.

I am running this on a i7 6th gen processor using the HW HEVC decoder plugin

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Hi Silviu,

I am going to check it, which version of the media SDK are you using? Could I assume you run the sample_decode.exe at Windows platform?


I tried sample_decode from "Intel Media SDK Samples 2016" folder.

I have tried the older Media SDK 2014 and the newer "Intel(R)_Media_SDK_2016.0.2". Both of them seem to behave the same way. 

I am trying to run your content in our latest code with SKL hardware but got failed. I can parse your content with our VPA tool and it looks OK but I noticed this content is HEVC 10bit, I am trying to run it with 10bit setting now.

What is your command line when you got the failure?


Hi Silviu,

I can run the HEVC 10bit on the sample_decode now, but I still got error when parsing your content. I doubt if this is the case that you cut off the stream?

Could you try this on your side with the full file? 

You have to comment the following line to run HEVC 10 bit:


0x75CAB872 处(位于 w.exe 中)引发的异常: Microsoft C++ 异常: UMC_HEVC_DECODER::h265_exception,位于内存位置 0x134AB9FC 处。

I got the same problem when i tride to decode a 4k hevc file with sample_decode.exe today,so what's the cause for this problem? i used the version of the media sdk is 2017 R1.


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