Can we integrate Intel media sdk with VLC player and decode videos with hardware acceleration via Quick Sync

Can we integrate Intel media sdk with VLC player and decode videos with hardware acceleration via Quick Sync

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I am working on hardware acceleration with intel media sdk , So know I wanna integrate intel media sdk with vlc player , I almost did that . I installed media sdk with vlc support . Now qsv encoder is available in VLC plugin list . but when I playing video with VLC that is not using hardware acceleration . that is consuming CPU . Anybody have any idea about that .

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VLC 2.2.6 already supports qsv for encode,

VLC's decode can be CPU or HW accelerated, like DXVA based 

I am not sure what is exactly the question, there are plenty of link about VLC and enabling of its supported acceleration, like 

Hi Maxym ,


I asking about decoding of vlc . I know vlc have qsv encoder but my question is , Can we decode/play video using intel media sdk in vlc player  for hw acceleration .Is media sdk have supported by VLC for decoding purpose?


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Satinder Singh

VLC does not currently use MSDK for decoding purposes

Third party libraries used by VLC(source from

Audio/Video codecs

liba52 - an ATSC A/52 (aka AC3) audio decoder

libmad - an MPEG audio decoder

libmpeg2 - an MPEG1/2 video decoder

libavcodec (ffmpeg) - an extensive audio/video codec library which supports several formats like MPEG4, H263, WMV/A etc...

libogg - an Ogg bitstream parser

libvorbis - a Vorbis audio decoder

libflac - a FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) audio decoder

libspeex - a Speex (Free speech codec) audio decoder

libtheora - a Theora video decoder

libfaad2 - an AAC audio decoder

libdv - a DV video decoder (deprecated in favor of libavcodec)

libxvidcore (xvid) - an ISO MPEG-4 compliant video codec (deprecated in favor of libavcodec)

libdca - A DTS Coherent Acoustics decoding library.

GUI framework libraries

wxWidgets - a cross-platform C++ GUI framework that keeps the look and feel of each platform

QT4 - a C++ Cross-Platform Rich Client Development Framework

Besides VLC has some hidden functions you didn’t notice, for example, it can solve the problem of splitting videos, you can play and download YouTube with VLC media player, what’s more, VLC is also a DVD ripper which is able to decode various DVDs to video formats. In addition, it can be used as a VLC media converter.(source from

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